SROs / Notification

In Pakistan, SRO stands for “Statutory Regulatory Order,” while a Notification is a legal document issued by the government to inform the public about new rules, regulations, or policies.

An SRO is a specific type of Notification that has the force of law. It is used by the government to regulate various sectors and activities, such as taxation, customs, trade, and industry. SROs are often used to provide details on how a law or policy should be implemented or enforced.

For example, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) may issue an SRO to provide guidelines for the calculation and payment of sales tax. The SRO may specify which goods or services are subject to sales tax, how much tax is payable, and when the tax must be paid.

Notifications and SROs are published in the official Gazette of Pakistan and can be accessed online on the websites of the relevant government agencies. It is important for individuals and businesses to stay informed about these legal documents as they can have a significant impact on their operations and compliance requirements.

Inland Revenue SROs

Income Tax SROs

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