Inter Bank Rates also known as the interbank exchange rate or simply the interbank rate, refers to the interest rate at which banks lend to and borrow from one another in the financial markets. This rate serves as a benchmark for a wide range of financial transactions and influences the overall cost of borrowing in the economy.

Inter Bank Rates

As per Open Market as on Wednesday. Dec 14 2023 , 9:30 PST (GMT +5)
Sr.CountriesSymbolCurrencyBank Buying (TT Clean)Bank Selling (TT & OD)
1Australian AUDDollar185.32 185.82
2Canadian CAD Dollar208.05208.55
3China CNY Yuan 39.38 39.48
4Danish DKK Krone 40.92 41.02
5EuroEUREuro 305.25 305.85
6Hong Kong HKDDollar 36.25 36.35
7Japanese JPY Yen 1.91 1.94
8SaudiSARRiyal 75.46 75.61
9 Singapore SGD Dollar210.46210.96
10Swedish SEK Korona 27.02 27.12
11Swiss CHF Franc 323.29 323.89
12Thai THB Bhat 7.88 7.92
13U.A.E AED Dirham77.0877.23
14UK PoundGBP Sterling 354.40 355.05
15US USDDollar 283.11 283.61

Open Market Rate

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