What About Prize Bond?

Prize bonds are a type of investment instrument issued by the government in several countries, including Pakistan, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. They are a form of lottery bond where bondholders have the chance to win cash prizes through regular draws.

In the case of Pakistan, the Central Directorate of National Savings (CDNS) issues prize bonds on behalf of the Government of Pakistan. These bonds are available in different denominations, such as Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1,500, Rs. 7,500, Rs. 15,000, Rs. 25,000, and Rs. 40,000.

Each prize bond has a unique serial number, and bondholders participate in regular draws conducted by the CDNS. The draws are held at specified intervals, and prizes are awarded to the lucky bondholders whose numbers are selected randomly.

The prize bond system offers different prize categories, including first, second, third, and several other smaller prizes. The prize amounts vary depending on the denomination of the bond, with higher denominations typically offering larger prize amounts.

It’s important to note that the prize bond system is a form of gambling, and the chance of winning a prize is based on luck. It’s not a guaranteed investment in the sense that the return on investment is not fixed or predictable. Some people choose to invest in prize bonds for the potential to win large cash prizes, while others may consider it a safer option compared to other forms of gambling.

If you have specific questions about prize bonds or would like more information about a particular country’s prize bond system, please let me know.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule In 2023

Prize Bond Draw Schedule In 2023

BondDraw DateDraw No & CityActions
Rs. 75016 Jan, 2023Draw No: 93City: KARACHI VIEW 
Rs. 10015 Feb, 2023Draw No: 41City: RAWALPINDI VIEW 
Rs. 150015 Feb, 2023Draw No: 93City: QUETTA VIEW 
Rs. 2500010 Mar, 2023Draw No: 9City: HYDERABAD VIEW 
Rs. 4000010 Mar, 2023Draw No: 24City: MULTAN VIEW 
Rs. 20015 Mar, 2023Draw No: 93City: FAISALABAD VIEW 
Rs. 75017 Apr, 2023Draw No: 94City: PESHAWAR VIEW 
Rs. 10015 May, 2023Draw No: 42City: MULTAN VIEW 
Rs. 150015 May, 2023Draw No: 94City: LAHORE VIEW 
Rs. 2500012 Jun, 2023Draw No: 10City: FAISALABAD VIEW 
Rs. 4000012 Jun, 2023Draw No: 25City: MUZAFARABAD VIEW 
Rs. 20015 Jun, 2023Draw No: 94City: QUETTA VIEW 
Rs. 75017 Jul, 2023Draw No: 95City: RAWALPINDI VIEW 
Rs. 10015 Aug, 2023Draw No: 43City: KARACHI PENDING 
Rs. 150015 Aug, 2023Draw No: 95City: PESHAWAR PENDING 
Rs. 2500011 Sep, 2023Draw No: 11City: SIALKOT PENDING 
Rs. 4000011 Sep, 2023Draw No: 26City: QUETTA PENDING 
Rs. 20015 Sep, 2023Draw No: 95City: HYDERABAD PENDING 
Rs. 75016 Oct, 2023Draw No: 96City: MUZAFARABAD PENDING 
Rs. 10015 Nov, 2023Draw No: 44City: LAHORE PENDING 
Rs. 150015 Nov, 2023Draw No: 96City: FAISALABAD PENDING 
Rs. 2500011 Dec, 2023Draw No: 12City: KARACHI PENDING 
Rs. 4000011 Dec, 2023Draw No: 27City: RAWALPINDI PENDING 
Rs. 20015 Dec, 2023Draw No: 96City: MULTAN PENDING 
BondDraw DateDraw No & CityActions

Denominations & Prizes

DenominationsPrize no.Amount (Rs.)Prize no.Amount (Rs.)Prize no.Amount (Rs.)