$100 billion export vision: Pakistan eyes to reduce trade deficit with China

Embarking on a strategic mission, a 20-member delegation encompassing various segments of Pakistan’s export sector is scheduled to depart for China this upcoming Sunday.

This initiative aligns with the nation’s ambitious goal of boosting exports to $100 billion while concurrently addressing the imperative of narrowing the trade deficit with its esteemed neighboring ally.

Dr. Gohar Ejaz, the caretaker minister, emphasized that China holds immense potential as a key partner in overcoming Pakistan’s economic challenges. He articulated the belief that China represents a pivotal avenue to address the country’s current account deficit and ultimately alleviate economic woes.

“In the past three months, we conducted several exercises with a vision to increase Pakistan’s exports from the current $30 billion to $100 billion. In this regard, we have seen the largest potential in China, and I believe that we need to shrink this trade deficit,” he stated.

Dr. Ejaz elaborated on the meticulous efforts undertaken, including extensive meetings with representatives from the textile and non-textile sectors. The delegation, carefully selected for its expertise and diverse representation, is tasked with exploring new markets and forging partnerships in China.

The minister expressed confidence in the capacity of Pakistan to leverage these opportunities, emphasizing that China is a pivotal ally in realizing the country’s economic potential.

“I believe China is our biggest potential; we can end our economic woes, i.e., the current account deficit, by reducing our trade deficit with China. This is the core purpose for our visit,” Dr. Ejaz reiterated, underscoring the strategic importance of the upcoming mission to China.

The minister’s remarks underscore a proactive approach to economic diplomacy, signaling a commitment to fostering stronger trade ties and realizing the mutual benefits of collaboration between Pakistan and China.

The development was shared by Dr Gohar Ejaz, Federal Minister for Commerce & Industries on Saturday, via a video message on the social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

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