GST-registered persons: FBR body to evaluate applications for licenses

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has constituted a committee to evaluate applications for grant of licenses for integration of sales tax registered persons including supply chain of fast moving consumer goods.

In continuation of the aforementioned announcement, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has formally issued a notification on Thursday.

Per the directive outlined in the FBR’s notification, exercising the authority vested by the Sales Tax Act of 1990, Sales Tax Rules of 2006, Income Tax Ordinance of 2001, and Income Tax Rules of 2002, Member Digital Initiatives has taken the initiative to establish a committee.

This committee’s primary mandate is to assess applications for the issuance of licenses concerning the integration of any registered individual under the Sales Tax Rules of 2006.

The distinguished members constituting the committee are as follows:

Afaq Ahmed Qureshi, Member Policy, who assumes the pivotal role of Chairman; Nasir Khan, Member IT, serving as an essential committee member; Arshad Nawaz Cheena, Chief-IR Operations, playing a crucial role as a committee member; Abid Naeem, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL), contributing as a committee member; Waseem Ahmed, Senior Analyst at PRAL, bringing valuable insights as a committee member; Ali Saeed, Deputy Commissioner (DC) in the Income Tax (IR) Benami Zone, fulfilling a key role as a committee member; Rizwan Sarfraz, Joint Director in Track and Trace, participating as a committee member; and Sammar Abbas, Director of Digital Invoicing within Digital Initiatives, holding the position of Secretary to the committee.

This comprehensive committee, comprising experts from various facets of taxation and digital initiatives, is tasked with the responsible evaluation of applications for license grants related to the integration of registered individuals under the Sales Tax Rules of 2006.

The diverse expertise within the committee ensures a holistic and informed approach to this crucial aspect of tax administration and digital integration.

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