FBR Set to Identify Non-filing Taxpayers, Including Bureaucrats and Bankers

FBR Targets Non-filing Taxpayers: Bureaucrats and Bankers Under Scrutiny

FBR Raises Concerns Over Non-filing of Income Tax Returns by Senior Government Officials Across Various Ministries, Departments, and Police Personnel

ISLAMABAD: FBR Targets Non-filers Among Senior Government Officials and Bankers

Following the successful enforcement of return filing by tax officials nationwide, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has extended its efforts to address non-filing among senior bureaucrats in government departments, financial institutions, public sector entities, regulatory bodies, and the senior management of private institutions.

Sources have informed Business Recorder that the FBR has identified numerous senior government officials, including those in ministries, departments, and the police, who have not filed income tax returns. Additionally, action is being taken against non-filing senior executives in financial institutions, with a focus on enforcing return filing within the banking sector.

The FBR plans significant enforcement actions against non-filers holding senior positions in various government organizations. Senior government officials in top positions who are non-filers will be required to file their returns.

To initiate the process, the FBR began an in-house exercise within its field formations to ensure return filing by tax machinery. In the subsequent phase, the FBR aims to enforce return filing by senior government officials in all ministries, divisions, and government departments/institutions.

Earlier, tax officers (BS-17 and above) were given a deadline of December 6, 2023, to provide a certificate of e-filing of their returns to the board. While many tax officials have complied, the FBR now turns its attention to senior government officials in different departments who have failed to file income tax returns despite the October 31, 2023, deadline.

The FBR’s proactive approach in enforcing return filing has been a pivotal step in addressing tax compliance, ensuring accountability among tax officials and extending its reach to various sectors. With a specific focus on senior government officials, the FBR aims to uphold financial responsibility and promote transparency.

The board’s strategy involves a systematic implementation, starting with an in-house exercise and subsequently expanding to encompass all ministries, divisions, and government departments. This comprehensive approach underscores the FBR’s commitment to fostering a culture of tax compliance across the public sector.

The decision to take action against non-filers among senior executives in financial institutions, especially within the banking sector, reflects the FBR’s dedication to establishing uniformity in adherence to income tax regulations. This move not only promotes equity but also contributes to the overall documentation of the economy.

Despite the October 31, 2023, deadline for income tax return filing, the persistence of non-filing among a considerable number of Inland Revenue officials underscores the need for stringent measures.

The FBR’s decision to enforce return filing by senior government officials serves as a clear signal that non-compliance will not be tolerated, regardless of one’s position within the public or private sector.

As the FBR continues its efforts, the focus on senior bureaucrats, bankers, and other officials not only aims to bolster revenue collection but also signifies a broader commitment to strengthening the economic framework through enhanced tax compliance and financial accountability.

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